© brooke steinicke photography, brookesteinphoto.com

© brooke steinicke photography, brookesteinphoto.com

meet kirsten




currently based in utah, usa. absolutely love to travel the world! 


beauty is such an understated thing. so is love. we are surrounded

by both on a daily basis, but how often do we actually recognize

them? i am a lover of beauty and a lover of love. i believe that every

person has beauty in   them, and person deserves love. my goal as a

photographer is to highlight that my clients are important to me, 

and that my pictures are genuine and true to them


i am a romantic. i am a believer of the good in the world and in

people. my favorite times are the ones where i am laughing at a

shoot with clients who turn into friends! i love meeting all the

wonderful, amazing and beautiful people i have the opportunity

to connect with.


travel comes second nature to me. i love meeting people all over

the world and telling their story. beautiful people are everywhere

with their beautiful stories and i want to capture them all! send me

a message on my contact page to talk more about travel investment

and scheduling.


i am so excited to meet you and tell your story!