Utah Couples Studio Photographer

The last few weeks have been rough with some personal things going on, and in the midst of all

of this I had lost my energy towards photography. I decided the best way to get me excited and

passionate about shooting again was to plan a fun, happy shoot with an adorable and gorgeous

couple. It worked! Working with these two was so much fun and totally got me back in the

photography mood again! I have loved looking through all their pictures and editing them. They

were a joy to shoot with and have been great to edit since then.:)



Utah Studio Portrait Photographer

For this shoot, I had the fun opportunity to try out a new studio in Draper, Studio 020, and it

was so fun! Sara is a natural! She originally came with me to assist another shoot I had, and we

had extra time so we got to shoot! We laughed a lot and had a blast!



Utah Studio Formals Photographer

The more I shoot in studio, the more I fall in love with it! This session was really fun because I 

had a great client to work with! Christin was amazing, such a natural and such personality! She is

absolutely GORGEOUS and we had such a good time together. This shoot was just for fun, to

create some beautiful work and that was definitely achieved! All the shots turned out amazing!

Utah Couple Studio Photographer

Taylor and Tyler were so fun to work with! They were so excited to take shots in a natural light

studio, and they turned out amazing! This studio is down in Payson, and it was a dream to work 

in. These two have such a fun personality and were so fun to photograph!


Utah Studio Bridal Photographer

This studio bridal session was a dream come true! The studio space was gorgeous, the hair

and makeup team did awesome, and the bride herself was stunning! It was such an amazing

collaborative project to be a part of. The bride even made her bouquet and it was simply

beautiful! I had such a fantastic time!

Utah Studio Portrait Photographer

I love the simplicity with working in a lighting studio. The lighting can be manipulated to be

exactly what you want, and it's so much fun! You can get music pumping, and you can tell

fun stories and bring some snacks to munch on while you're shooting. This portrait session

was so much fun because Shelby is such a fun person! She is a natural and all the shots turned 

out amazing because she is so great. We had such a fun time embracing her natural beauty.


The studio is a versatile, simple starting point. I love that I can make studio sessions exactly

what I and the client are envisioning! Rain or shine, it's a great option.

Utah Lake Couples Photographer

This couple and I had the funnest time out on Utah Lake doing their couples shoot! A huge

snowstorm had just ended, which left the Utah Lake beach covered in brilliant white snow.

The clouds had brightened up and were in the perfect spot when we got to the lake to take



These two are such naturals in front of the camera! They interacted as if I wasn't there at all

and it was so fun to photograph them! I love the love they share! It is the love we all read about

in fairytales. Since this photoshoot, they have become engaged and will be married in the


Silver Lake Engagements

These Silver Lake engagements were a dream to photography! It had just snowed at Silver Lake

and the light frost of white added a whole new dimension to the landscape. Kelsey and Dalyn

were a dream to work with! Even though we were all freezing, they were great sports! In their

pictures, they don't even look cold at all.  We all had a great time and the pictures turned out



Salt Lake Wedding Photographer

This bridal shoot I took at the Salt Lake City temple couldn't have been more perfect! It snowed

the night before, so Temple Square was covered in a thick blanket of white. It was so serene and 

absolutely beautiful! 


This shoot was postponed from its original date due to a crazy ice storm that came in during their 

wedding ceremony! We tried to go out to take pictures in it, but it would have ruined the bride's 

dress so we decided against it. It ended up working perfectly though, the day we moved this 

bridal shoot to was picture perfect. 


It was freezing outside and we all had body parts numb by the end, but it was totally worth it!

The pictures turned out amazing and we had lots of fun!